Float With All Your Friends

Rafting is becoming the most favorite craft for families with small children and groups that want to stay together on the float.

Feel safe and secure on these crafts. Rafts are nearly impossible to tip over, and are made of tough nylon-lined rubber, which will not tear. A raft rental includes transportation, hauling of the rafts, paddles, cushions, and lifejackets. If a raft float sounds like fun, please reserve well in advance to book these popular crafts.

*Peak Pricing for floating is June 14th – Aug. 11th. Saturdays and Sundays only.
** Basic Rate is if you are filling the rafts to capacity. For example: 4 adults in a 4 man you would pay $176.00/$192.00.The rental of a raft includes transportation, hauling of raft, paddles, life jackets and/or seat cushions.
** All holidays will have the same rates as peak rates


Basic Rate Per Person
Youth/Children 12 yrs & Under
4-man, 3 or less people
4-man, 4 people
6-man, 5 or less people
6-man, 6 people
8-man, 7 or less people
8-man, 8 people
10-man, 9 or less people
10-man, 10 people
Regular Rates
Peak **