River Conditions

Fishing Conditions:

Lure choice’s are  zoom finesse worms, topwater, jerkbaits, crankbaits  and tubes.  Smallmouth are active right now chasing anything that looks like a crawdad, worm , or minnow.  Look closely on the smallmouth’s back there may be a slimy green tag for a reward of $25-75$ MDC tagged some.

Be looking for the channel in the river that has the most water in it. A good way to tell a channel with the most water is to look at the V the water makes at the beginning of a riffle and take your craft down the middle of the V. The  river level gauge below is not all that accurate because the river itself has moved away from where the gauge is located on the Hwy 8 bridge.



USGS – Huzzah river levels


MDC – Fishing information